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10 Things to Do in Porto

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Have a coffee at the Majestic café
The Majestic café, founded over 90 years ago and situated in the heart of downtown Porto is a must on the list of things to do for all visitors. It is considered the emblematic café of the city and its illustrious visitors include the likes of Jacques Chirac and Gago Coutinho (creator of the aeronautic "artificial horizon”). It is said that J K Rowling spent many hours at the Majestic Café writing her first Harry Potter book. Open for morning pastries, lunches and dinners.

Attend a concert at the "Casa da Música”
The "Casa da Música” was conceived to mark 2001, the year in which Porto was European Capital of Culture and has become an architectural reference in the city. The project was designed by Rem Koolhaas and it is characterised by its modern lines and by the varied cultural programmes it offers throughout the year. Guided tours of the Casa da Musica are also available.

Go on a guided tour of a Port wine Lodge
The Port wine Lodges or Cellars situated in Vila Nova de Gaia continue to be an important focus for visitors offering tastings of Port Wine and guided tours in a variety of languages. Learn how to distinguish a Tawny Port from a Ruby Port and if you are lucky try a Vintage Port! Some tours and tastings are free while others will charge a small entrance fee.

Take a cruise along the Douro River
One of the best things to do in Porto, to take in the spectacular views of Porto (considered the Best European Destination 2017) is from the river! There are a variety of cruises available from the five bridges in Vila Nova de Gaia and Oporto right up the Douro River eastwards to the Port wine vineyards over 100 kilometres inland.

Enjoy the sunset from a beach side esplanade
Oporto’s excellent climate is conducive to sunbathing and walks along the various blue flagged beaches in the area. There are a variety of esplanades in Foz, Matosinhos and Vila Nova de Gaia areas that are perfect for enjoying the sunset, admiring the Atlantic Ocean and relaxing with a cool drink at the end of the afternoon.

Try a "Francesinha”
The "Francesinha” is perhaps the most popular "bite" in Oporto and is renowned as the most popular Portuguese sandwich, if it can be called that! Praised by foodies worldwide the dish appeals particularly to those with an appetite for spicy meats and is most commonly accompanied by a cold beer.

Visit the Serralves Museum
Serralves is culture, nature and art. Within its extensive gardens and green areas lies the Museum of Modern Art, a project by the architect Siza Vieira with exhibitions by Paula Rego, Andy Warhol amongst others. This space is a mixture of brilliant architecture, tranquillity and various green spaces.

Have a late night drink in the "Galerias de Paris”
The Galerias de Paris street is the centre of night life in the city with dozens of open air bars. The "Galerias” as it is known, is situated in the centre of downtown Oporto and offers an alternative night time programme since all the bars are in the open air.

Buy a book at the Lello Bookshop
Cited by The Guardian as ”one of the most beautiful book shops in the world” the Lello bookshop is another must see in Oporto. Opened in 1906 it still maintains its original carved ceilings, stained glass windows and pink painted curved central staircase! Lello offers a vast array of books, encyclopaedias and travel guides.

Watch a game of football at the Dragão Stadium
Home to the Oporto Football Club the "Dragão” football stadium was rebuilt and opened in 2003. Manuel Salgado (the architect) designed the stadium which cost over €90 million to build and can seat 52,000 people. The name Dragão (dragon) was used as it is the symbol of the club. Guided tours of the stadium can be booked if you don’t have time to catch a game!

Visit the Museum Soares dos Reis
The National Museum Soares dos Reis, formerly the Portuense Museum, was founded in 1833 by king Pedro IV establishing Portugal´s first public art museum. The museum is situated in the Palace of Carrancas, dating from the late eighteenth century. The collections of Portuguese paintings and sculptures from the 19th and 20th centuries and national and international objects of decorative arts, mostly from the 17th to the 19th century are exhibited on the second and third floors, where some of the rooms are richly decorated in the neoclassical style. From the mid-nineteenth century up to 1910, this building was the temporary residence of the Portuguese royal family when visiting the North.