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World ranking places Porto among the three destinations to visit in 2017

2017-07-05 Porto ponto Porto ponto Miguel Nogueira
Oporto is the third destination in the annual "Best Places of the World to Visit in 2017" published by U.S. News. The only Portuguese city on the list comes after Rome and Sydney. Behind it are Paris, London, Machu Pichu, the Grand Canyon, Phuket and more places you can not miss.

Known for reference work in crafting global rankings that span such areas as Education, Health, or Tourism, the U.S. News platform supports its studies in expert opinions, consumer votes, and current trends.

The Port has long been known as a destination for wine connoisseurs. The city is the place to visit to taste the best Port wine. But this coastal town has more to offer than just wine. Porto is, according to this reputed publication, a very attractive mini European metropolis that is located in the north-west of Portugal where travelers can have their fair share of culture and outdoor experience, being able to visit the many museums of the city, admire its Varied architecture and of course, go to the beach.

Porto is also known as the "City of Bridges" due to the six bridges that cross the Douro River, and the Ponte Luís I is presented as the most iconic and the most suitable to enjoy the view of the Douro River.

The historic city center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is considered the ideal place to experience Porto's unique charm, but the city offers varied programs, whether for a weekend or an entire week. Stroll around the city and discover the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art or the city's ancient churches, such as the Cathedral and the Church of St. Francis.

Whatever you choose to see or do in this captivating city, you'll leave with an appreciation for what the city has to offer, with great photos and, hopefully, one or two bottles of your best wine.