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Bourdain found Porto "even more beautiful" and as it is: authentic

2017-07-06 Porto ponto Porto ponto Porto ponto
It is on Sunday night that CNN debuts in the United States the episode of "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" about Porto. In the online universe, over the last few days, the coolest of chefs is showing a fabulous and authentic city. The tripeiros are like this.

The "cruel" joke of the salesmen of Bolhão, the "dear francesinha" and other stories of the Port that Bourdain found already walk through the world. Whoever visits the Facebook page of the "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" program, finds the next destination that the well-known American presenter and chef makes known. It is from Porto that one speaks, without potatoes in the language.

A script to find the best guts in Porto's fashion; The proof of a cheese that "smells like dirty feet but whose taste is divine", with fado as a soundtrack; A "love letter" to Francesinha and the recipe, for anyone who dares to do it, or the call for an article about the children who dive in the Douro are some of the recently published posts. And there is, of course, the inescapable "teaser" of the spicy joke, already making a big buzz on social networks, said by salesmen of Bolhão that "can be so cruel," says a Bourdain in his relaxed style. It should be noted that when the presenter visited the market in February, it was already visible the foreshadowing of the restoration works of this ex-libris of Oporto, in progress.

If there is one thing that Bourdain knows how to do very well, it is the gastronomic trip. Behind delicacies comes the culture and the tradition, the landscape and its people. On this trip, the chef found "a city even more beautiful than the last time", you can hear him say in the trailer for the episode's presentation, according to Oporto. Already disclosed.

Initially scheduled for June 25, the debut of the program on Oporto was postponed by CNN on Sunday, July 2, in the United States, which broadcasts it from 21.00 local time.

Around here, we will have to wait some time for the arrival of the episode in the "antennas" of the national operators. According to information given to Porto. By Dream. We do, its broadcast "is expected to occur later this year on Channel 24 Kitchen." Until then, there is the internet to go and find "parts unknown" of a city that is worth discovering.