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A day of Sting by the Atlantic Front of Porto

2017-07-17 Porto ponto Porto ponto Twitter from Sting
Sting, who performed yesterday at the Marés Vivas festival in Vila Nova de Gaia, wanted to arrive the day before to visit Porto. He toured the city on Saturday and ended up dining in Matosinhos, in what he considered to be the most beautiful restaurant in the world.

According to account the supplement P2 of Público, unlike others, made only one request: to arrive the day before, to be able to visit the Port. In fact, it ended up fulfilling the design of the Atlantic Front of Porto, touching the three cities, as if it were just one.

The musician strolled through Porto on Saturday night and decided to have a sunset dinner at the Boa Nova Tea House, the chef Rui Paula's restaurant, which occupies one of the emblematic buildings of the Siza Vieira. "It is the most beautiful restaurant in the world," said the founder of the Police band, marveling at the cliff and sea scenery that frames the building.

Also according to the online edition of the newspaper, Sunday morning, hours before taking the stage at the festival, made a point of sharing on Twitter a photo "with the talented team of the Casa de Chá da Boa Nova restaurant in Porto."