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Porto and North Tourism Association invests half a million in new markets

2017-11-30 Porto ponto Porto ponto Filipa Brito
The Tourism Association of Porto and North announced today that it will combat, in 2018, the tourist seasonality in the North with promotional actions in markets such as China, Canada or Brazil, in an investment of the order of half a million euros.

According to Sandra Lorenz, Interim Director of External Promotion of the institution, in statements to the Lusa agency, the bet will be on markets that "enable a sustained growth and a combat to the seasonality of the demand of the destiny", being foreseen that in 2018, be invested in foreign promotion a value higher than that invested in 2017, which amounts to "about 400 thousand euros."

To attract the "priority" and "emerging markets" and show them a Port as "port of arrival and a starting point to get to know the Douro, Minho and Trás-os-Montes", the region's external promotion will go through actions charms and fam trips with travel agents, tour operators and journalists from Spain, France, Germany, UK, Brazil, Holland, USA, Italy, China, Canada, Poland and Israel.

Throughout 2017, ATP carried out promotional activities with travel agents and tourism promoters such as Kuoni, Contiki and MMT-Gapnet, promoted the region with journalists from the United Kingdom, Spain, the USA, Germany, Brazil, or Mexico, as well as supporting the production of contents for on-board magazines.

"The intention is always to show the region as a whole, as a broad possibility of joining adventure, history, culture, gastronomy, heritage and a number of possibilities to enjoy the best we can find, whether with the 'backpack the back 'or the luxury of exclusivity, "explained Sandra Lorenz.

Earlier this month, ATP held a "fam trip" with 14 tour operators from China as part of the activities of the European Travel Commission for the preparation of the European Union Year in China in 2018. year and for the first time at the ILTM Cannes 2017 Fair, an event in France dedicated to luxury tourism.

ATP is a non-profit organization founded in 1995 by a group of institutions interested in developing tourism in Porto and Northern Portugal. The Porto Chamber currently holds the presidency of the board.