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Porto is the Portuguese city with the best level of English

2017-12-05 Porto ponto Porto ponto Miguel Nogueira
Do we have a good command of the English language? Yes. Or "yes, we have". Porto is the Portuguese city with the highest level of English, according to the study EF English Proficiency Index 2017, one of the largest rankings on English skills worldwide.

The international distinction marked this week the inauguration in Porto, in the Boavista area, of the new offices of EF - Education First, a language school present in dozens of countries.

In the study on proficiency levels in English, Portugal comes in 18th place, which means a decrease of three places compared to 2016. Nevertheless, the position is very positive: the ranking integrates 80 countries and Portugal is ahead of states such as Greece, Spain, France or Italy, just to indicate the nearest ones.

In national terms, the North is the region that presents the best results, standing out the Porto at the level of the cities.

The EF English Proficiency Index 2017 is led by the Netherlands. The ranking divides the countries into five groups (between the Very High and Very Low levels), with Portugal in the second best (High level).