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Caribbean consist of the Caribbean Sea and its islands and archipelagos, such as the West Indies and the Caribbean islands. The Caribbean is a popular holiday destination, not only for vacationers and tourists in search of health benefits, but some of the islands, have also become a favorite destination for adventurers and campers backpack on his back. For example, the dream holiday in Tobago.
Numerous Caribbean islands can be divided into two groups. The Greater Antilles, which are part of Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and the Lesser Antilles, which are almost all volcanic origin. Among the Lesser Antilles Antigua & Barbuda we find, Barbados, the British Virgin Islands, St. Vincent & Grenadines and Trinidad & Tobago. The largest island of the Lesser Antilles, Curacao, is a very popular holiday destination. The name comes from the Caribbean "Carib" people who lived in the Lesser Antilles when they were discovered. The history of the islands has a much earlier date. In the first century BC the Arawak Indians settled in the islands, and were not expelled from there until about 1500. At this point, Christopher Columbus started his journey to India, and the Spanish explorers landed in the Caribbean islands of beautiful beaches . In the next century course the islands were colonized by Spanish, French, Dutch, English and Portuguese and for a while there were many struggles over the area of ​​the islands. Only the twentieth century is that most of the islands gained their independence. The pirates, whose adventures and crimes are remembered today, were in their best and most cruel, around the sixteenth century. Their hideouts and strongholds found themselves mostly on small islands such as Port Royal in Jamaica. In the Caribbean live about 35 million people from diverse backgrounds. Most are unique in Europe and Africa, but the Indians, Chinese and Creoles are common. The number of indigenous inhabitants is however very low. Due to the mix of people, Spanish and English are the most widely spoken languages ​​in the Caribbean.
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